December 08, 2013

It was all Happening in Al Quoz...


7 Loves
By: Little Majlis
It was all Happening in Al Quoz...

1. Setting up Steffi Bows graffiti installation at Al Serkal Avenue, as part of QUOZ happens
November 23rd 2013 was a big day in the Little Majlis calendar. 'QUOZ happens' took place with a day of art, design, film, music (and food) taking place across the Al Quoz district of Dubai.

Being the crazy eager people we are, we did the rounds of Al Quoz early afternoon visiting The Ripe market at the Courtyard, The Farmers Market at Dubai Garden Centre, thejamjar, and Capsule Arts, before finally hitting the cultural cluster in Al Serkal Avenue at kick off - which in hindsight is probably a little bit too early for Dubai events and people to get into their groove, but is just how the Little Majlis ladies like it.

We weren't disappointed...

2. Steffi Bow taking a break on a Quoz Bench - well deserved too! Bow's work was doing a good job of acting as a marker on the side of the Al Serkal Ave warehouses 




3. - 9. QUOZ happens teamed up with the 7 Days crowd to bring these blackboards to the masses. This could easily have been our top spot for the day, if there weren't so many other exciting things luring us away...


10. A favourite at GPP's current exhibition Cabinet of Curiosities - a must visit!  11. - 14. We loved the boldness of Showcase Gallery's current work featuring Frida Kahlo by Mawaheb from Beautiful People

15. - 18. Elizabeth from Ayam Africa has some lovely new items in that she was presenting at Showcase.



19. - 22. We were thrilled to stumble across this pop-up cafe 1762 amongst the galleries - and their space didn't disappoint. it was scattered with some fun accessories and unique pop-up shops, such as this Beshtar one (23.)


25. Fun! 26. - 29. Satellite. This space was a breath of fresh air. Loads of gorgeous books, a chair we particularly wanted (29.) and something to make us smile (28.)

31. - 34. Ayyam Art Centre - this exhibition '99 Objects Possible to Find on a Cloud' has us ohhing and arrrhhhhing. We loved it! Thanks Nadim Karam (the exhibition runs until 31 December 2013 so go and check it out!)


35. - 37. Sya One doing his thing at Al Serkal Avenue. 38. The people that make the event...

Thank you QUOZ happens - we are already looking forward to 2014.