October 22, 2013

If the Shoe Fits...


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By: Little Majlis
If the Shoe Fits...

1. The full spectrum...
Little Majlis' focus for Fashion Forward Dubai (Season 2) quickly shifted to footwear. Although naughty, who doesn't like a spot of people watching? We couldn't help but take a seat at 'The Garden' and get the lens out as the catwalk of shoes passed us by. And if we were to be perfectly honest, the subjects of this mobile art gallery didn't seem to mind - they were there for the shoe-taking!

2. - 10. A small snippet of the selection on offer in the sea of shoes!


11. - 14. We all know it's really the outfit that makes the shoes... 11. These were just asking to have their snap taken! 12. A simple line defines this gorgeous Dumye dolls dainty footwear 13. Dancing shoes - these sparklers were getting into the DJ's groove 13. The whole caboodle!

15. We couldn't get away with wearing this architectural number - but their owner certainly pulls it off! 16. LOVE LOVE LOVE this pair from ragmatazz...

17.- 22. While trying to be (slightly) subtle with the photo taking we produced dodgy snaps! But you get the picture, lots of shoes - and mostly heels with the odd fun flat thrown in!

23. Gorgeous jellies from 'By Lisa'. Why oh why did we not purchase our selves a pair. A lesson learnt - less looking and more buying!

A lovely big thank you to Lady Mauve & Ragmatazz for inviting us to this visual feast! As you can see, we quite enjoyed ourselves ;)