September 26, 2013

Vantage Point Sharjah 2013 Exhibition Opening...


4 Loves
By: Little Majlis
Vantage Point Sharjah 2013 Exhibition Opening...

1. The invitation....
Little Majlis took the plunge and ventured into Sharjah for the Exhibition Opening of the Sharjah Art Foundations (SAF) open call for submissions for UAE based photographers 'Vantage Point Sharjah' and we wouldn't have missed it for the world.

The main aim of the program is to support and encourage the development of artists within the UAE. The selected works include both professional photographers and artists as well as photographs taken by individuals with an active interest and passion for photography. knew it was going to be well worth the trip when they heard that Reem Saeed Al Ghaith was involved. Reem is one talented lady behind a lens and she is passionate about documenting the world around her in all photography forms, having founded @uaeiphonegraphy.

And the exhibition didn't disappoint. We were in awe of the artists (one was as young as 9 years old!), the art and the venue - which we have to say was unexpectedly outstanding. How SAF managed to make a functional, light and spacious gallery space sit comfortably within the sikkas of traditional emirati structures is admirable. We love the fact everything has remained understated and doesn't scream look at what we have achieved! 

Photographs by 2. Zlatan Filipovic, 3. Ebrahim Miralek, 4. Nahel Selo, 5. Roy Francis Manalang, and 6. Tara Aldughaither  

7. Works by Nahel Selo

8. How amazing is this picture by Sylvie Annie Briand?

9. Considering got to the exhibition early (we were big babies and concerned about the Sharjah traffic which turned out to be a non-event), there ended up being quite a sizable audience to attend the opening night!

10. - 11. Saif Humaid Al Zari's work and 12. - 13. Ammar Al Attar. 

14. Reem Saeed Al Ghaiths photography series.

15. - 17. We love the candidness of Reem's work. It is almost like dragging up childhood memories when you view the series (which proves you don't have to be emirati or born in the region to get emotive about her snaps - perhaps you just need to have had a relatively simple and carefree up bringing! or maybe thats just the way we all remember our childhood - playing....)

18. - 19.  Mark Pilkington's photography is outstanding. Although when we realised the black object in the snap was a man, the first thoughts running through our hand were "Is he crazy, thats got to be hot" (probably not the reaction he was looking for).   20. The gallery courtyard... we'll be back!

We would like to thank Reem for extending an invitation to the Little Majlis ladies and letting us be part of your special night. We've looking forward to popping back to the historical Sharjah Arts District for an adventure and a cup of Karak Chai! Who wants to join us?