September 22, 2013

Capsule Arts Launch Event, Dubai


5 Loves
By: Little Majlis
Capsule Arts Launch Event, Dubai

1. Capsule Arts Studio.
Fancy some amazing art by local talent at very reasonable prices? Well, we do, which is why we were jumping out of our skin to get down to the launch of the Capsule Arts Studio in Al Quoz Dubai, to see if the hype matched up to our expectations. It did!

Recently launched, Capsule Arts provides a platform for artists to sell through a limited edition print collection and artist commissions. So what that means is the two lovely (and extremely talented) ladies behind the brand, Deepa Bhatia and Rachael Brown, make a diverse and high quality range of affordable art available to us (the average joe) both from their studio and online (we LOVE!).

They can also help you out if you are have a special brief, and are looking for a unique piece for your home, business or event. Just the kind of duo you need to keep on your phone contacts list..... and obviously not just because they throw a good party (which they do, very well)!

2. - 3. Having brought one of the last of Nasir A Nasrallah (A.K.A Retrokite) 'stories' at Art Dubai 2013, we were looking forward to seeing his fun child like prints, that always manage to make us smile. These prints really capture the character and elements of a traditional Emirati villa, adding a bit of fantasy to the mix. 4. 'Basketcase' and 5. 'Sleepwalking' both by Kathryn Wilson

6. - 7. Untitled Works by Mohammed Al Qassab 

8. 'The Water Series Study 2' by Julia Ibbini 9. Desert Chill's Ice Cream Trunk (we are still wishing we went for the rainbow striped ice!) 10. The Studio space; can we move in please? 11. 'Fish Dreams to Fly' by Lama Khatib Daniel (we know some one that fell in love with this, and we're sure there were many others!).

12. 'Karama' by Khalid Mezaina. This is one of those pieces that reminds you of so many little spots around Dubai (it could be Satwa, Bur Dubai, Diera. You name it, this print sums it up!).

13. - 15. 'Street Art' works by Arcadia Blank. Graffiti always carries a slightly 'naughty' connotation and is not necessarily something you expect to see in Dubai. Without saying too much, observations recorded in Arcadia Blanks work provoked discussion (and a couple of laughs).

16. 'Voices in my Head' by Nivedita Saha (that could be a head!) 17. A blow up of a print we didn't note the name of (you can't win them all) 18. 'Magpie' by Noush Like Sploosh; we had a bit of a soft spot for this. 19. Stunning colours in this piece ' Hazy Sky Dark Shoreline, Crocuses in Bloom' by Andrew Field.


20. The launch getting into the swing of things. 21. The Capsule Arts Studio in Al Quoz. Well worth a visit and if you are busy wee people, remember you can always check them out online at 

Thank you ladies for a fab introduction to a great concept! We look forward to parting with some hard earned cash soon....