July 12, 2014

Why Should You Open a Little Majlis Boutique?


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By: Little Majlis
Why Should You Open a Little Majlis Boutique?

1. Want to start your own artisan online business without the hassle & cost? Then read on to see if Little Majlis is the right fit for you...

Little Majlis is a GCC based shopping platform. Our site allows customers from around the world to shop for handmade and artisan items directly from the independent makers and merchants of the Gulf, with one secure checkout, with various shipping options and gift wrapping on most products. All purchases are dispatched direct to the buyer from the seller. 

We’re always on the look out for unique things which are exceptional in terms of quality, workmanship and creativity to stock our online shelves. To become a seller on Little Majlis you must:
  • Design, make, create or sell gorgeous, unique products
  • Have lovely product images (which doesn't mean professional)
  • Be passionate about your business (it won’t work if you are not!)
  • Be a resident of a Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) country
  • Meet the Little Majlis Sellers criteria (as outlined in our Terms of Use)
But most importantly you need to want to succeed...

In a nut shell you get your own customised online shop with an integrated secure payment gateway where your followers from around the world can shop directly 24 /7 for only a few dirhams a month!

By becoming a seller on Little Majlis you can create your own online 'boutique' where you can set up your own customised shopfront with a direct URL (e.g. www.yourshop.littlemajlis.com) and straight away start to advertise and sell your products under the Little Majlis umbrella. The Little Majlis team will take care of the IT, and assist in marketing your shop both independently and under the Little Majlis brand, through any means we can. For example press releases, networking, marketing and generally making fools of ourselves in the public domain. We will talk the arm and leg off anyone who is brave enough to stand next to us about the Little Majlis community and its rather impressive members (including you!)

Membership is FREE. There are some fees involved in selling (they’ll be a nice surprise we promise!) which are deducted from your sales.

Once you are approved as a seller, we'll email you off all the nitty gritty. But note that you never have to send us your hard earned cash - you can't ask for much more than that!

Little Majlis is partly curated, we have a selection process in place that means you will position your business amongst like-minded local brands.  

Opening up a Little Majlis online store will automatically gain you credibility for your small business and the product you make / market.

We are always stronger when we stand together! Little Majlis has a large local following; the membership of our creative community is constantly growing, as is our social media following. We spend our days (and often our nights) promoting your products, via various means including press releases, publications, newsletters, mailers and social media etc.

This is YOUR store. For it to work, you need to want to be successful & are willing to put some effort in.

The Little Majlis team can only do so much! We can create the infrastructure for you to inexpensively open your own customised online store and we can help you market it and provide ongoing support and development, but you need to be on board for your online business to succeed. 

For people to start shopping, they need to know that they can shop! Your shop URL is your most important tool for spreading the word (www.yourshop.littlemajlis.com). You must be willing to take ownership of your store; if you are not telling your followers about it, then chances are they don't know you have one! You have to market your store where ever you possibly can - whether it is at a physical market, on your social media pages (facebook, pinterest, twitter, instagram), your blog, your email signature or in the press. Putting your facebook link is only going to get you a new like, not a sale.

We have some top tips to get your boutique making sales here. This is your check list to making your webshop at Little Majlis a success. If you don't read it and implement the recommendations it is unlikely you will make sales - simple really.

Perhaps you have invested a lot of time, effort and hard earned dirhams into developing your own website and have found that integrating a secure payment gateway is a pricy business involving trade licenses and fluffing around with the lovely banks!

Why not link your own website browsing pages through to your Little Majlis boutique providing a safe, legal and cost effective means of integrating a payment gateway to your independent website?

Does this sound like you? Yes! Great, we'd love to (virtually) meet you, so please click the link below to start the application process... once completed, we'll be in touch with you directly, requesting a few important bits and pieces that will be forwarded to our Design Review Committee for consideration.